PictureSorter - Digital Camera Image Mover

PictureSorter on SourceForge

This is a small program written in C#, which builds a recursive list of JPEG files, then reads the EXIF camera model & creation date. You can then click a button to have the pictures copied to another folder of your choosing, where they are filed into individual directories by camera, and then by date as a subfolder of camera.

The impetus for this program was that Canon's ZoomBrowser would occasionally mix up where it downloaded files, and it was a time consuming task to go image by image, folder by folder, looking at possibly hundreds of pictures to sort out who's camera took which picture.

dCam - Distributed WebCam Surveillance Tool

dCamClient - The client application allows you to view the nodes connected to the server.

dCamNode - Every computer that has a webcam is a node. Nodes connect to the server and transmit there images to there.

dCamServer - Server portion of application. Resides on single computer with storage capabilities.

MobileFX - Netpromax DVR camera interface for Pocket PC / Windows Mobile

This is a C# .NET 2.0 application written for handheld PCs, specifically the Pocket PC platform (240x320) screen format. The idea was to allow PDA users with mobile broadband to access security footage while not at a traditional PC -- for example, when responding to an alarm call. Unfortunately as time progressed, Netpromax updated their software to use an Intel JPG library which was not readily available for use via C#, so this app only works with older versions of the "FX" software.